Who are Funky Sinatra?

I am / we are Funky Sinatra.

A singing, entertaining experience mixing classic Kool Sinatra swing mixed with smooth ‘n funky tunes. Performed by myself, Ian Preston, and accompanied by one of various artists and musicians from around Europe.

Ian Preston


In voice and style, think a mix between smooth and powerful Sinatra, the style of Dean Martin, the youth of Michael Buble with the stage presence of Freddie Mercury ( a bit of David Lee Roth you can Google him) Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin Rat pack style. Modern songs with a swing style.

Alexander Schur


Alex from Bonn in Germany he doesn’t stand still when playing the sax, with Sax solos the best dance moves you have ever seen.
Ales is new to Funky Sinatra covering Germany and some events in Spain. He brings youth and those dance moves to FS

Roberto Cantero


From Malaga Spain. The legend having worked along side Ian for 15 years in Marbella they do make a great team and based in Spain with some Europe events. Roberto is an award winning producer and musician working Chambao and some other big names.

We don’t stand still, we move!

Yes you will hear the classic Sinatra performed by classically trained Ian Preston, you will also here some famous swing tracks and we tweak them 😉
We jazz them up and perform them…
Along with Oasis, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse 70s 80s 90s classics… Your eyes and ears will love it 🙂
Good init!
Above are some video clips and at the top of the page are some audio examples 😉