Over 20 years´ as a professional singer as well as 3 years of classical training.  “If you can sing the big numbers darling, you can sing anything “ Jenny Gucci.

In voice and style, think a mix between smooth and powerful Sinatra, the style of Dean Martin, the youth of Micheal Buble with the stage presence of Freddie Mercury ( a bit of David Lee Roth you can Google him)

The singing sets can be swing, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin Rat pack style. Modern songs with a swing style, Wonderwall, Valerie to M Jacksons the way you make me feel.

Rock and roll including walk of life, various Beatles tracks, even a bit of Copacabana. Every year new songs are introduced to the sets and these are usually unplanned in any sort of order to allow adjustment to the atmosphere. Ian regularly sings with many bands and artists as a special guest singer. The singing sets consist of songs during the meal throughout the evening, timed to perfection to match the mood of the evening delivered in a stylish, smooth and Ian’s special way in a fun manner.