Laura, April 2017

We want to say a massive thank you for our wedding from beginning middle and end. I knew from the reviews you be good but you were better than expectations you were incredible and you have some talent.


You were amazing in so many ways-as my mum said you cant really explain to people the whole thing- they wouldn’t believe you! First of all thank you for supporting my dad who was extremely nervous about the speech but when you spoke with him before he knew you were there to step in at any stage and this definitely got him successful through his speech. I thank you massively for that.


When we spoke we wanted it not to be the usual “formal” wedding and more like a party and that it definitely was. Beforehand our guests were confused on us “not having a band” you were more than a band and our guests couldn’t get enough of you. You were like a puppet master, you knew what strings to pull when. You had people up dancing after the starters and it was hard to get them back sitting for the rest of the meal.


You were able to target all age groups in one go from people from 14 years to 80 years, they were all up dancing together which was amazing to see. Everyone honestly had the best time and so did we. Thank you so much for the amazing memories for us and all our guests. You made our wedding so much fun and extra special. Ian you should be charging a lot more I would not have a problem paying 3 times your price for you. My only critique!!! Thanks again

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